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Thank you for your quick response (aside from the awesome price). I contacted 20 other insurance agencies requesting quotes on the same day. I got promises left and right to have the quote emailed that day or the next day, but you were THE ONLY one who kept their word. That shows me what hard workers y’all are, and that your going to be able to get the job done and not drag things out.

Amanda Allen

New York

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There are varies information that impact the house rate like  geography, and age of home. The newer the home the better the rate.

Yes you can negotiate your deductible and change coverage to reduce your rate.

Fine an independent agent , who represent multi-carriers. Your agent might be able to lower your cost by bundling your auto, home as well as other insurance products. also by adding a monitor alarm as well as being apart of a gated community. Finally it helps to get your home inspected if its a older home.

No find an independent agent that do the shopping for you

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